Crist Bros. Orchards expands storage

Crist Bros. Orchards Inc., Walden, N.Y., expects to complete an apple storage facility by mid-September, said partner Jeff Crist.

The facility replaces older buildings and increases storage capacity to 8,000 bins.

Fowler Farms upgrades refrigeration

Fowler Farms, Wolcott, N.Y., has completed an upgrade to its refrigeration system, said Lee Peters, vice president of sales and marketing.

“New controls and software upgrades will allow us to store apples better than ever,” said Peters, who added that the change replaced 40-year-old equipment.

“We now have sensors in every room to monitor the atmosphere closer,” he said.

“There is built-in capacity available for future addition of rooms. Each room can be set for the variety being held.”

Sun Orchard Fruit Co. upgrades packing

Sun Orchard Fruit Co., Burt, N.Y., plans to double its packaging capacity this season, said Tim Mansfield, director of sales and marketing.

Mansfield said a new packing line will allow Sun Orchard to respond to orders faster. It also features upgraded color sorting and defect sorting.

He said a 200,000-square-foot expansion made room for the new line, and the new space also includes additional cold storage, office space, a lunch room and a loading dock.

Turkey Knob Apples upgrades line

Turkey Knob Apples Inc., Timberville, Va., has implemented a new defect sorter and sizer, said president Jamie Williams.

Williams said the upgrade will allow Turkey Knob to pack more fruit per day and use labor more efficiently.