Many consumers like bananas because they’re portable and easy to peel. However, with avocados, they have a true emotional connection, marketers say.

The Irvine, Calif.-based Hass Avocado Board has taken that feeling and turned it into the Love One Today promotional campaign launched this fall.

The effort spans all fresh hass avocados, regardless of country of origin, and is designed to carry a unified message about the fruit’s nutritional attributes — “naturally good fats + cholesterol free,” executive director Emiliano Escobedo said.

“It was very important for this message to convey the nutritional benefits that are relevant to the target audience,” he said. “It plays on an emotional call to action and really gets the consumer excited about avocados.”

The campaign, a year in the works, is based on scientific studies that have verified hass avocado’s many health benefits.

Not only are the rough-skinned fruit full of healthy fats, but they also contain potassium, folate and vitamins E and K.

The board conducted focus groups in four U.S. markets and surveyed hundreds of consumers to boil down the nutritional information into something simple that resonated with them.

The goal also was to develop one unified message that everybody in the industry could use, Escobedo said.

If one sector, for example, promoted avocado’s high vitamin E content while another boasted of its nutrient denseness, consumers could become confused with the mixed messages, he said.

“It doesn’t matter where the fruit comes from — an avocado is an avocado,” Escobedo said. “So it’s very important that consumers are very clear on what those benefits are.”

The Love One Today logo, as well as other promotional material, is available to the industry through the board.