Fagerberg Produce adds sorting line

Fagerberg Produce Co., Eaton, Colo., has installed an onion sizing and sorting line and consumer bagging machinery, said Alan Kinoshita, sales manager.

The line has six lanes, two more than the company’s previous line, Kinoshita said.

“It will help us with capacity and efficiency,” he said. “It will allow us to maybe not have to run 15 hours a day. Now maybe it will be more like 10 hours a day.”

The new bagging machines will pack 2-, 3- and 5-pounders and other consumer bags, which account for about a third of Fagerberg’s onion sales.

Rusler Produce to market onions

After several years of outsourcing sales and marketing of its Colorado onions, Rusler Produce, Pueblo, Colo., is bringing those duties in-house this season, manager Tommy Rusler said.

More manageable volumes this season are one reason Rusler Produce decided to resume sales and marketing duties this year, Rusler said. The company expects to harvest about 100 acres, down slightly from last year.

“With a smaller crop, my brother and I decided we’d like to try our hand at selling,” Rusler said.

Tommy Rusler, his brother Nick and their father, Tom, the company’s president, all will work the phones this summer to sell yellow, white and red onions, which should ship from late July through the first or second week of September, Tommy Rusler said.

Because of Tom Rusler’s long history in the deal, Rusler Produce expects to find customers near and far, Tommy Rusler said.

“We look to cast a fairly wide net,” he said. “My dad’s been in this thing a long time.”

Rusler Produce once again will pack this year’s crop in the company’s Rusler and Straight Shooter labels, both of which have been in existence for 26 years.