Del Rey Avocado Co. Inc., Fallbrook, Calif., has formed a joint venture with Persea Tree Nursery in Fallbrook to provide avocado trees to its growers and to other avocado growers, said partner Bob Lucy.

“There was a problem getting enough trees,” Lucy said.

To address that, Lucy’s partner, Reuben Hofsho, a scientist who has worked with root stocks in the past, helped develope additional trees that will become available in April or May.

The company also will continue its Morro Bay avocado program in the fall. Avocados grown by Jim and Megan Shanley of Shanley Farms, Morro Bay, Calif., remain on the tree for nearly 18 months, have a high oil content and “are the best-eating avocados in the world in September and October,” Lucy said. They’re sold mostly to upscale retailers under the Morro Bay label.

Finally at Del Rey, Joe Rivas, formerly in sales, now is responsible for quality control, operations, ripening and food safety.