Brooks upgrades hydrocoolers

Brooks Tropicals Inc., has made some improvements in its avocado hydrocoolers.

The Homestead, Fla.-based Brooks invested in some technological advances in the cooling line, said Bill Brindle, vice president of sales management.

The changes include replacing the coils that cool the water and for food safety reasons upgraded those coils to stainless steel construction, he said.

While a green-skinned avocado not cooled as efficiently may possess seven days of shelf life from the date of harvest, a properly cooled one through an effective hydrocooling system can have 10-11 days of shelf life, Brindle said.


M&M Farm completing field-to-cooler certification

M&M Farm Inc., is getting closer to certifying its complete production process.

The Miami-based M&M plans to achieve food safety certification for its groves and hydrocoolers by August.

The certifications follow certification of M&M’s packinghouse, said Manny Hevia Jr., president and chief executive officer.

Additionally, M&M recently completed an upgrade of its hydrocooler.

M&M added a chlorine injection system.

A water supply monitor checks pH levels that make sure the chlorine is efficiently controlling microbes and pathogens, Hevia said.

M&M is using PrimusLabs, Santa Maria, Calif., for its certification.