A fully enclosed packing facility and new bin dumpers are among the improvements in place at G&R Farms, Glennville, Ga., for this Vidalia onion season.

Co-owner Robert Dasher said the family-owned grower-shipper operation upgraded with food safety in mind.

“We’ve got to keep moving forward, and food safety is one area where you can’t stand still,” Dasher said.

Small changes such as replacing wooden brooms with plastic ones and major projects such as finishing the complete enclosure of the packing facility are just part of the G&R food safety plan.

“We’ve got tighter security at the front door and designated areas for everything,” Dasher said. “We even have an employee who is assigned to log people in and out of the restrooms and document handwashing and use of gloves.”

The Dasher family has also updated food contact surfaces in the packing facility, using stainless steel to make cleaning and sanitizing easier and more effective.