Graphics are an important aspect of new grape packaging.

“In addition to making the fruit look better, these bags can be used as platform to use for point of sale,” said
Louie Galvan, managing partner, Fruit Royale Inc., Delano, Calif.

He said that whether companies decide to use graphics for logos or to tout the nutritional benefits of the fruit, it catches people’s eyes on the shelf.

Natalie Erlendson, marketing manager for Sun World International LLC, Bakersfield, Calif., agreed.

“Aesthetically appealing packaging, such as the high-graphic handle bags, are having a positive impact on consumption and so retailers should continue to look at packaging as a way to differentiate, help the product stand out in the produce department and drive sales,” she said in an e-mail.

Sun World offers this type of bag with branded graphics that were designed based on consumer feedback, said Erlendson.

The design includes information that consumers communicated as being important, including nutrition information and storage and handling tips, she said.

Modern options allow companies the chance to market specifically to various consumer groups, according to
Rene Millburn, Missouri-based public relations director for King Fresh Produce, Dinuba, Calif.

One of the King Fresh grape bags features a lion cub on a colorful packaging design.

“It appeals to kids who are with their parents in the store,” Millburn said. However, it isn’t just for the children.

“It’s a cute, colorful little lion cub. Even older shoppers notice it and want to pick it up,” she said.

“We also have a classy, animal print design that is in tune with fashion right now,” Millburn said.

Typically, stores choose one style or the other, depending on which fits their market the best.

“It’s a personal preference for them to decide which packaging style they want to use,” Millburn said.

The bags are designed to be eye-catching so consumers will recognize them on the shelves.

“From a consumer standpoint, we want them to see our package of grapes on the shelf. It’s colorful and exciting,” Millburn said.

In addition, the bags feature a quick response code to direct shoppers to the company’ website. In the future, King
Fresh bags will also feature the company’s social media information to encourage interaction online.