With this year’s supply of Mexican avocados destined for the U.S. expected to top 918 million pounds, Mexico’s two major avocado marketing organizations have come up with a number of programs to help spark sales.

Avocado Producers and Exporting Packers Association of Michoacán, known as APEAM, and Mexican Hass Avocados Importers Association, or MHAIA, promote Mexican avocados under the Avocados from Mexico tagline.

Multipronged blitz

MHAIA is planning a two-month integrated marketing blitz that marketing director Jackie Bohmer says should result in more than 200 million impressions.

MHAIA has new TV commercials scheduled to run on the Food Network, Bravo and HGTV until mid-December.

The spots show home cooks how to “warm up their avocado” during the fall and winter months, Bohmer said.

In print media, the organization plans to focus on leading women’s health and food publications.

Ads in November and December will spotlight a recipe for avocado cheesecake with a walnut crust. The recipe shows the versatility of avocados, Bohmer said.

MHAIA plans to conduct a radio advertising campaign in 17 major U.S. markets that will consist of a series of spots focusing on creative but simple avocado recipes, she said. It will include an opportunity for local retailer tags.

The 11,000 airings should generate more than 74 million impressions.

MHAIA plans to make a variety of informative point-of-sale cards available to retailers through December. The cards feature Thanksgiving recipes and fall and winter meal-planning suggestions.

“Throughout the fall and winter, we’re taking full advantage of the power of social media to make Avocados from Mexico a must-have for holiday entertaining,” Bohmer said.

The avocado associations ramped up spending in anticipation of the volume increase this fall. MHAIA is spending an additional $6 million; APEAM an additional $2 million.

Social media campaigns

MHAIA plans to launch a high-profile sweepstakes on Facebook in November inviting fans to enter to win a trip to New York and a visit with celebrity chef and author Roberto Santibañez.

The association also is planning a holiday-themed “Pin It to Win It” contest on Pinterest, in which participants upload favorite avocado recipes and photos for a chance to win prizes.

“It will all come together in December, when Santibañez will host an Avocados from Mexico Twitter party,” Bohmer said.

The chef will offer holiday entertaining ideas and welcome the winner of the Facebook sweepstakes to New York for a fun weekend, she said.

Meanwhile, APEAM has developed a new, general market TV spot featuring celebrity chef Jamie Gwen as well as Hispanic market TV and radio ads with José Hernández, better known as Chef Pepin, said Eduardo Serena, APEAM’s marketing director.

During the holidays, APEAM plans to help retailers increase sales by showing consumers how they can substitute avocados for butter or oil in brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other favorites, Serena said.

The association also plans to launch a promotion with chef Pepin in December centered around the Hispanic celebration of Posadas.

APEAM plans to connect with Hispanic consumers through online and mobile advertising, blogger outreach to influential Latino bloggers, a special online coupon offer on the Avocados from Mexico Spanish-language website — aguacatesdemexico.com — and more, Serena said.

APEAM recently concluded its Halloween Spookamole campaign that featured avocados from Mexico as a “must-have Halloween party food.”