Brooks Tropicals Inc. aims to increase sales of its SlimCado with its first-ever easy recipe for homemade guacamole.

The event will run in July, when avocado supply and production are highest.

“This is a great promotion for the peak of the season,” Mary Ostlund, marketing director, said in an e-mail. “Cross-merchandising SlimCado as an ingredient in guacamole, salsas and salads is dish-provoking.”

The Homestead, Fla., company plans to run its Simple Math Guacamole promotion with Concord Foods in Publix grocery stores across the Southeast.

“It’s simple: Add SlimCados to Concord Guacamole Mix, and you’ve got great-tasting guacamole,” Ostlund said.

The promotion will be advertised using in-store signs and a smartphone-friendly website to highlight an accompanying sweepstakes and provide additional information.

The mobile website can be accessed using a quick-response code or by the web address. The site is streamlined to make navigating quick and easy using a mobile device.

Users can find information about SlimCados and Concord Foods products, plus recipes that use both products together.

“We’ve gone outside of the normal guacamole bounds here,” Ostlund said.

Other unique recipes include SlimCado Remoulade, SlimCado Egg Salad, Tropical Medley Spread and Mango SlimCado Cobb Salad.

“The way I see it, guacamole is a great dish on its own, but we can use the spices and ingredients in the Concord guacamole mix to make other great recipes too,” Ostlund said.

The website also will link to a sweepstakes, which will award one winner a prize of $500 and three runners-up prizes of $100.

Concord Foods has done similar promotions with other products, such as its banana bread, with great results, and Brooks Tropicals is excited about the upcoming opportunity to promote its avocados, Ostlund said.