Leamington, Ontario-based JemD Farms is opening two offices on the U.S.-Mexican border to take better advantage of f.o.b. sale opportunities, president Jim DiMenna said.

The new offices are in McAllen, Texas, and Nogales, Ariz. The McAllen sales office joins a distribution center JemD opened in the city about three years ago.

Produce veteran Jim Cathey leads sales efforts in both offices. Cathey left Nogales-based Del Campo Supreme in June, where he worked as general manager. He worked for Del Campo for 12 years and has done business with DiMenna for longer than that.

“We’re totally excited” about adding Cathey, who has more than three decades of industry experience, to the JemD staff, DiMenna said.

Most of JemD’s  Mexican greenhouse product comes through its McAllen distribution center, DiMenna said.

As such, the company already has a number of full-time staffers there. Cathey’s role in that office will be one of sales support.

In Nogales, for the time being, Cathey will run a one-man show, said DiMenna, who added he’s looking forward to having an experienced eye on the company’s growing Mexico business.

“Prior to this, everything’s been handled out of Canada,” he said. “What we needed to do was manage our f.o.b. opportunities (at the border) — six-, eight-pallet sales. It’s a good opportunity for us.”

JemD also expects to begin consolidating loads for customers at its McAllen distribution center, a service it has not provided in the past, DiMenna said.

An expansion of the center is likely in the not-too-distant future, he said. The company outgrew the facility about 18 months after moving in, and it has land around it to expand.