Dixie Produce Inc.

redesigns website

Dixie Produce Inc., Chattanooga, Tenn., has redesigned its website, dixieproduceinc.com, said Kenny Pendergrass, vice president of purchasing.

“It had been several years,” he said. “Our old site was not really user-friendly,” particularly for users within the company.

It’s now much easier for Dixie to make changes in-house.

“With the old site, we had to use a developer to make changes,” he said. “Now we can change it every day ourselves — videos, photographs, changes to the main page. This is such a seasonal industry, it’s nice if we’re able to change it as the season changes.”


Tennessee Vegetable Packers grows

Crossville, Tenn.-based Tennessee Vegetable Packers continues to see strong growth in its new bagged green bean program.

The bags, introduced about two years ago, aren’t microwaveable bags with pre-cut beans.

Instead, company president Lewis Walker said, they’re more comparable to the bags fresh grapes come in.

Tennessee Vegetable Packers ships the product to retailers in 20-pound boxes of 15 or 16 bags each.

Food safety, quality control and convenience have been among the factors that have driven the product’s strong performance since its introduction, Walker said.

“Volumes have increased dramatically,” he said. “It’s a high-quality, low-shrink product. It’s really starting to catch on.”

By Markets Editor Andy Nelson