Miniature watermelons continue to be a tough sell for importers of Mexican watermelons.

Edinburg, Texas-based Bagley Produce Co. sources some miniature watermelons from Mexico, but not many, said Jeff Fawcett, the company’s sales manager.

“It’s a very small program,” Fawcett said. “We have just enough to fill trucks.”

Bagley completes loads with minis as a service to customers who want them, Fawcett said — nothing more.

Minis are more in demand in the offshore deals because Central America services Europe, where minis are in higher demand than in the U.S., Fawcett said.

Jimmy Henderson, owner of Warren Produce LLC, McAllen, said his company used to source mini watermelons from Mexico.

The bottom line, however, made the decision to eliminate the program an easy one.

“For whatever reason, we couldn’t make the numbers work,” he said. “For two weeks you’d sell them at a profit, the rest of the time you couldn’t. We stopped several years ago.”

Ward Thomas, owner of McAllen, Texas-based Majestic Produce Sales, agreed that it’s hard to make a go of mini watermelons from Mexico.

“We source just regular (watermelons),” he said. “Mostly seedless, a few seeded, but no minis.”