In Kingsville, Mucci Farms built 30 new acres of greenhouse space for 2013, as well as 65,000 square feet of shipping and production space.

The front offices will also have a new, expanded footprint for the administration of the farm and Mucci International Marketing.

The grower-shipper also has a new line of packaging for 2013 featuring colorful graphics, quick-response codes, resealable zipper tops and recipes, said Emily Murracas, marketing coordinator.

A redesigned website is also now online.

A new product this season from Mucci is the trademarked Sweet-to-the-Point pepper in tricolor packs. It features slender, pointed sweet mini peppers, said Joe Spano, vice president of sales and marketing. Spano said he expects mini varieties and snack-sized packaging to continue to be growth areas.

Mucci has plans to reintroduce brown tomatoes this year. Spano said the company had marketed the mildly flavored tomatoes years ago, but discontinued them when demand fell off.

Demand is back, so Mucci planted the variety for this season.