Washington and Oregon are on their way to some friendly potato-based competition, with plans for the first potato bowl between Washington State University and Oregon State University.

The bowl is scheduled for Nov. 8 at Corvallis, Ore.

Plans and promotions for the event are still in the works.

Ryan Holterhoff, director of marketing and industry affairs at the Washington State Potato Commission said preliminary plans for the event include a potato bar for fans, hosted by the Washington and Oregon potato commissions.

The potato bar will highlight potatoes grown in both states.

Holterhoff also said the two commissions are planning for donations for a local food bank to be accepted from fans at the event.

Holterhoff said a bet is also in early stages. It will require the losing team’s state organization to make a donation of potatoes to a food bank in the winning team’s state.

“We’re working on kicking off new activities and competitions between the two commissions,” said Dan Chin, president of Wong Potatoes Inc., Klamath Falls, Ore. Chin is chairman of the Oregon commission.

The boards of the commissions hope this will become an annual tradition.

“It will be some friendly competition,” Chin said.

Holterhoff said more details will be released as the game gets closer.