Colorful new potato and onion bags are turning heads in Quebec produce departments.

Potato, carrot and onion grower C. Isabelle et Fils, St. Michel de Napierville, Quebec, 15 minutes from the New York border, is trading its old 5-pound poly bag for a new plastic poly bag in different colors to reflect its white, red, yellow and russet varieties.

Quebec packers invest in upgraded bag designs“It will be a different shape and made of a new plastic that protects the potatoes from light,” said Gabriel Isabelle, vice president sales and development.

“The effect is more modern, very different, and it looks good on the shelf,” Isabelle said.

Like the other new bags, it also will include lots of information, from recipes and storage tips to which potato to use for different applications.

He hopes to begin selling the resealable bag in Loblaw stores in August.

Mirabel, Quebec-based Groupe Ethier Inc., 25 miles north of Montreal, spent nearly two years working on its new potato bag, which features a kid-friendly potato chef.

“We went to Germany for the packing machine and we’re really excited with the results,” said Denis Bissonnette, director of sales and procurement.

Each resealable white 3- and 5-pound bag has a two-hole handle and a different colored band Quebec packers invest in upgraded bag designsfor red, yellow and russet potatoes.

Bissonnette said the bag has been on the market since Christmas, and he’s had great comments from customers.

“We want to move forward,” he said, “and the bags should help us generate more business.”

St. Ubalde, Quebec-based Patates Dolbec is using the same bag with drawings to illustrate varying ways to cook the varieties.

“We’re really proud of our new look,” said marketing director Josée Petitclerc.

“They add nice color to the potato display in the store.”

Bissonnette is also using the line for 3- and 5-pound onion bags.

“The peel stays in the bag and the bag itself gives the onions a new look, much better than the past,” he said.

Sherrington, Quebec-based Veg Pro International Inc. also was looking for a cleaner in-store experience with its new Fresh Attitude onion bag.

“It’s a plastic-formed bag with a box bottom and handle, a very different concept for onions,” said Pierre Dolbec, vice president sales and procurement.

Veg Pro plans to pack onions in the new bag in late July or early August.

“It will be cleaner at store level for the retailer and for consumers,” Dolbec said, “and there are plenty of holes for ventilation.”