Colorado committee running ‘family farm’ TV ads

The Colorado Potato Administrative Committee is running a new set of television commercials focused on promoting farm families.

“The ads are really focused on the theme of our potatoes being ‘from our family to your family,’” said Jim Ehrlich, executive director of the Monte Vista-based committee.

The commercials were filmed in the San Luis Valley with local growers and their families.

The first ad ran Aug. 28 during the Denver Broncos football game.

“It was a big opportunity, with a lot of people tuning in,” Ehrlich said.

He said the ads are set to run heavily for the first month or so of potato harvest, and to continue running for several months after that.

“We’re excited to use these throughout the season,” he said.

In addition, the committee planned to participate in the Potato Festival held Sept. 6.

“It’s turning into a pretty big event that draws people from all over the state, and even from out of state,” Ehrlich said.

Farm tours and other events are offered as part of the festival, which Ehrlich says are very popular.

“We have a 55 passenger bus that’s full,” he said.

The event is free but donations are accepted on behalf of a local charity.


Farm Fresh Direct updating packhouse

Farm Fresh Direct is in the process of upgrading its packing facility, said Dave Yeager, vice president of business development for the Monte Vista-based company.

“We’re going through some extensive renovations and expansions at our packing facility to accommodate new packaging for the new varieties,” Yeager said.

The company has focused on five new potatoes this year, including golden russets, petite merlot, petite chardonnay, crimson sunset and Albert Bartlett Rooster potatoes.

The renovations will be ready for the fall season, Yeager said, with Oct. 1 as the goal.


Skyline Potato Co. continues upgrades

Center, Colo.-based Skyline Potato Co. has continued efforts to upgrade its facility, said Les Alderete, general manager.

“We continue to look at new equipment and updates to our packing sheds to make them more efficient as the industry changes,” Alderete said.

Alderete began his role with Skyline last year.

He said the company will continue its long-standing partnership with Potandon Produce LLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho.

“We’ll be working closely with them on the Colorado crop,” he said.


Worley & McCullough in on Wada cross-promos

Worley & McCullough Inc., Monte Vista, Colo., which grows and ships potatoes in partnership with Wada Farms Marketing Group LLC, Idaho Falls, Idaho, is set to run a cross-promotion in partnership with McCormick seasonings and Country Crock throughout the fall and winter holiday months.

“We’ll be working with both San Luis Valley and Idaho-based shipping facilities to offer retail customers closing device tag board promotional offers from both McCormick and Country Crock this fall,” said Chris Wada, marketing director for Wada Farms.

This will be similar to other cross-promotions the company has run in the past, with the purpose of adding value to the product experience.

Wada said these promotions have seen good results.

“Many of the cross-promotional companies we work with run multiple campaigns a year, which proves the effectiveness of the coupon redemption rates achieved,” Wada said.

The timeline for the promotion will be from November through February.

The company is also set to introduce its new eco-friendly poly potato packaging to select retailers throughout this fall and into the new year, Wada said.