The Oppenheimer Group is promoting Jazz and Envy apples and taylor’s gold pears in two social media campaigns backing New Zealand fruit.

One summer-long promotion features recipes posted by a dozen food and lifestyle bloggers. It launched in the last week of May with a Twitter party that brought followers to the hashtag #loveNZfruit. By the second week of June, taylor’s gold recipes had been posted. Envy and Jazz were to follow.

Facebook pages for Jazz ( and Envy ( directed viewers to the Twitter event.

Oppy planned to start a larger effort, “Crunch to Contribute,” on behalf of Jazz apples later in June.

“We’ve added a twist to the typical ‘post a picture of yourself with this product’ social media campaign, which we hope will make a real difference in people’s lives,” said David Nelley, apple and pear category director at Vancouver, British Columbia-based Oppy.

For every photo posted during Crunch to Contribute, the marketer will donate $1 each to such organizations as the American Diabetes Association and the Canadian Diabetes Association, which promote childhood nutrition and health.

“We are promoting the idea that truly fresh apples and pears are available in the summer,” Nelley said of the imports from New Zealand.

“As grower-marketers, it’s quite a kick to see how evangelical some of these consumers can be about apple varieties on social media,” he said.

Enza and The Heartland Group grow New Zealand fruit marketed by Oppy.


Pear sales contest

Oppy is also hosting its second annual taylor’s gold pear sales contest, which offers the retailer with the highest per-store sales a trip to a trade show or to New Zealand.

The contest runs through August, when stocks of the variety are expected to be depleted. Last year’s winner, Freshfields Farm, sold more than 8,500 pears at one retail outlet in July and August.

The trade show prizes include the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit or the annual convention of the Canadian Produce Marketing Association.