Pear packaging choices have been undergoing a slow evolution in recent times, and nothing appears likely to hurry the slow-moving category.

Robert Wymore, vice president of operations for Diamond Fruit Growers Inc., Odell, Ore., said the company still does mostly the traditional 44-pound wrapped pack box, but he noted that Euro packs are increasing.

Bag packs, including 6-pound bags for Costco and 5-pound bags for Sam’s Club, are also popular. Clamshell packaging is also offered to retailers, he said.

While it appears bulk displays of pears will remain dominant, Wymore said food safety concerns conceivably could result in more demand for consumer packs.

“The standard carton is still the king, but we are always looking at other packages,” said Ed Weathers of Duckwall Fruit, Hood River, Ore. Retailers require different packaging sizes, whether bags, trays or euro cartons. The standard carton is not as dominant as 10 years ago, and Withers said its share of market could decline more in the next 10 years.

He estimated the current share for the standard carton at 75%.