Mission-based TexaSweet Citrus Marketing Inc., the marketing and promotions arm of the citrus industry, has been directed to focus solely on educating local residents about what citrus greening disease is, what to look for on their own citrus trees, and whom to call when they see symptoms, said Eleisha Ensign, executive director.

“It is imperative that residents work alongside the industry to save south Texas citrus from this devastating disease,” she said.

TexaSweet recently launched the first phase of this outreach program.

TexaSweet has designed materials to assist in its outreach efforts that include all-region and quarantine-specific direct mail postcards, informative flyers, brochures and door hangers.

All materials feature the citrus greening message in English and Spanish. More than 100,000 large postcards were mailed to residents in the quarantine zones, she said.

“The resident response thus far has been more than we could have expected,” Ensign said.

One month into the promotions, the TexaSweet Facebook page had 559 “likes,” she said.

TexaSweet is also running media alerts on local radio and TV stations and placing ads and articles in local newspapers.