Marketers of fresh pears plan to incorporate retail samples and demonstrations, co-marketing with other products and sweepstakes stressing money savings for consumers.

Carolyn Becker, marketing and national accounts manager of the California Pear Advisory Board, Sacramento, Calif., said, a “Peel and Play Sweepstakes” promotion will highlight the rest of this year.

All pear varieties will be included in the sweepstakes.

Becker said once customers purchase pears, they mail in the pears’ Price Look-Up stickers to enter a weekly drawing. Every store involved in the sweepstakes will have a winner of a $25 grocery gift card from the store where the pear was purchased.

Becker said about 40% of grocery shoppers buy pears on impulse. Consumers will most likely not feel the impulse to buy pears because of the economic climate.

Becker said she hoped the promotion would draw consumers in, and make them feel as if they could buy pears because they may win free groceries.

The promotion will most likely do well, Becker said.

Becker handles most of the marketing, media, promotions, exposure and awareness for California pears.

“The CPAB coordinates generic marketing for the industry, including co-marketing with other products. At Elliot we intend to offer many styles of pack and the full line of varieties to provide the complete category mix,” David Thiessen, sales manager of David J. Elliott & Sons, Courtland, Calif.

Becker said the California Pear Advisory Board’s marketing plan for this year is twofold.

“We are running big programs for summer,” Becker said.

As the California pear industry enters into the July and August timeframe, the advisory board will continue to work with retailers on ad samples, summer pear in-store demonstrations and in-store radio promotions, Becker said.

The advisory board will most likely promote new recipes for pears to food editors, try to get pears on food pages in national newspapers, contribute to public service announcements about pears, and work in retail merchandising.

Becker also said the board would co-market a pear, wine and cheese combination this year.

The promotion will include three wines and provide consumer materials that explain how to pair wine and pears.