When Chilean clementines are done shipping, the mandarin orange season is still far from over.

Mark Greenberg, president and chief executive officer of Capespan North America LLC, St. Laurent, Quebec, looks forward to another year of strong demand for w. murcotts and other mandarins.

“(Late mandarin varieties) have been widely planted, and new volumes become available every season,” Greenberg said. “Our volume of w. murcotts and other late mandarins will continue to grow.”

Capespan North America expects to ship late varieties into November this year, Greenberg said.

Matt Gordon, Chilean program manager for DNE Fruit Sales, Fort Pierce, Fla., expects his company to end its Chilean deal at the end of October with the last murcotts of the season.

Murcotts tend to be grown on an alternate-bearing schedule, which could affect volumes this season, Gordon said. But overall, demand for the late variety is strong.

“Last year there was a substantial increase in murcotts from Chile,” he said. “The market seemed to absorb them pretty well.”

Chile isn’t the only South American country seeing a surge in murcott demand.

“Peru is becoming more of a force on murcotts, and Uruguay could open up this season or next,” Gordon said.

Chilean w. murcotts will likely ship from August to November, said Karen Brux, North American managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, Sonoma, Calif.

She expects another strong season for the variety.

“They’re a fantastic back-to-school item. They have a beautiful, deep orange color and they are sweet, easy-to-peel and seedless.”