Several Chile-specific blueberry promotions are expected in the coming months.

Karen Brux, managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, San Carlos, Calif., said the organization has several promotions planned for the upcoming Chilean blueberry deal.

“With promotable volumes available by December, and with some retailers planning as much as six months in advance, we’re already working on programs including customized point-of-sale for a large chain in the Southeast, and sponsorship of a 2015 health and wellness program at a large chain in the South,” Brux said.

Brux did not disclose other specifics.

Brux said the Chilean promotional efforts are typically focused more on trade communications rather than consumer campaigns.

“We have relatively limited budgets, and since the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council has such a strong consumer program, we focus our efforts on the trade,” she said.

That often means working with retailers for promotions, rather than targeting consumers directly with contests or other consumer-driven campaigns.

She said helping retailers create large displays can be helpful.

“Our in-store promotions are designed to generate large displays of blueberries in highly visible spots within the produce department,” Brux said.

Depending on the retailer’s needs, the association can also coordinate partner demonstrations to educate people on new uses or to provide point-of-sale materials to communicate nutrition or use information at the store level.

Despite focusing its attention on retail partners, the group does have a hand in some efforts that touch consumers directly.

“We have established close relationships with a very wide network of retail dietitians who play a key role in communicating Chilean blueberry information to their customers, whether through Facebook posts, blogs or wellness fliers,” Brux said.

Brux said the association also plans to attend several trade shows and other events this year.

“They’re a very effective way of showcasing what’s new for the year and meeting with our customers, whether to review previous programs or discuss upcoming plans,” she said.

Brux said the group plans to exhibit at the New York Produce Show in December and the Southeast Produce Council Expo at the end of February.