Leamington, Ontario-based Nature Fresh Farms is building a 32-acre greenhouse dedicated to tomatoes, said Jay Colasanti, who does sales and market development for the company.

The new building, which Nature Fresh hopes to open by September, will be used to grow specialty tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes, Colasanti said. Beefsteaks will be a new offering from Nature Fresh.

The specialty tomatoes will include those patented by the Red Zoo Marketing, Colasanti’s former company. Nature Fresh has bought the rights to the Amorosa and other Red Zoo tomatoes.

Nature Fresh is trialing 62 tomatoes, some of which may end up in production in the new greenhouse, Colasanti said.

“We were looking to become a fully rounded company, 100% self-sufficient,” Colasanti said.

The company is looking at possibly growing tomatoes under lights from December to March in the new facility, which would give Nature Fresh year-round production.

The company is considering using cogeneration technology for the project, which simultaneously generates electricity and useful heat. Colasanti said.