Mexican Greenhouse Produce


Protected-ag runs gamut from cloth to glass

09/23/2013 3:13:55 PM

High-tech glass may be the protected ag method of choice, but cheaper versions also remain popular... Read more.

Wholesum gets Fair Trade-certified, expands packaging

09/23/2013 2:49:00 PM

All of Wholesum Family Farms’ Mexican greenhouse growing operations are now Fair Trade certified, said... Read more.

JemD Farms opens two border offices

09/23/2013 2:10:43 PM

Leamington, Ontario-based JemD Farms is opening two offices on the U.S.-Mexican border to take better... Read more.

Strong demand expected for Mexican greenhouse vegetables

09/23/2013 1:53:25 PM

Grower-shippers and importers of Mexican greenhouse vegetables look forward to strong demand as deals kick... Read more.

Suspension agreement’s effects unclear

09/23/2013 1:24:09 PM

The verdict is out on how a new tomato suspension agreement between the U.S. and Mexico will affect... Read more.

Greenhouse-grown continues to gain on field-grown

09/23/2013 12:18:48 PM

Greenhouse-grown produce continues to gain ground on field-grown, importers of Mexican greenhouse vegetables say. JemD Farms,... Read more.

Mexican Greenhouse business updates

09/14/2012 2:52:51 PM

Bebo Distributing plans to add covered acres Bebo Distributing Inc., based in Pharr, Texas, is adding... Read more.

Growers reap benefits of protected agriculture

09/14/2012 2:42:21 PM

For years, Fresh Pac International, Oceanside, Calif., has gotten good results growing most of its... Read more.

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