HUDSONVILLE, Mich. — Transportation may be a bigger issue for Michigan shippers than it has in the past. With the volume of produce the state has to ship being back up to par this year, it may be difficult to find the trucks to ship it.

Last year, because of cool weather, the state’s spring and summer vegetables were late and less plentiful.

"I think we got lulled to sleep last year,” said Randy Vande Guchte, president of Superior Sales Inc. “I don’t think the volume in this are was as big as it had been. I think we’re going to struggle this year.”

Vande Guchte said it always seems like there are too many or too few trucks available. The company contracts out all of its transportation.

Jerry Van Solkema, president of Van Solkema Produce, Byron Center, said finding trucks so far this year hasn’t been a problem.

“But there are always new challenges in this business,” Van Solkema said.

Russell Costanza, owner of Russell Costanza Farms, Sodus, said although he bought two new tractors this spring, he already has two more on order because of a looming value-added sales tax that could increase the price by 10%.

The idea of a value-added tax is being tossed around by legislators, but isn’t expected to actually come to fruition for the next couple of years, at least, according to media reports.