Jay Colasanti is getting a fresh start in the Ontario greenhouse business, and Nature Fresh Farms Inc., Leamington, Ontario, is getting the benefit of his experience.

Colasanti was president and co-owner of Red Zoo Marketing, Ruthven, Ontario, before that company closed its doors in 2009.

Red Zoo, which handled tomatoes and other products from Canada and Mexico, shipped more than 5 million cartons of fresh produce annually before a Salmonella Saintpaul outbreak, which was initially linked to Mexican tomatoes, severely damaged the business.

Colasanti will work in sales and market development for Nature Fresh.

“My activities are focused on bringing specialty programs that were successful with Red Zoo customers to Nature Fresh customers as well as supporting all the marketing and sales efforts of the company,” Colasanti said. “Bringing my experience with specialty products and unique packaging to the table can only support the goals of the company to become the supplier of choice.”

Nature Fresh also hired another former Red Zoo employee, Michael Glass, in marketing and business development.

“Both bring years of experience in greenhouse sales and logistics,” said Nature Fresh owner Peter Quiring. “They will help bring value to Nature Fresh Farms and to our customers. It has been our goal to balance our team with people with a proven ability to bring value to the marketplace.”

Quiring also is the owner of South Essex Fabricating Inc., the Ontario greenhouse manufacturer. Quiring started building greenhouses for himself in 2000, and he hasn’t stopped. Nature Fresh added more than 30 acres for this season.

“I look forward to working with this organization that is all about investing in quality production enhancements that raise the bar of the common product offerings,” Colasanti said. “This company was green and utilizing renewable energy resources and environmentally friendly methods before it was fashionable.”