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MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (416-623-706, seedless 414-622-704, seeded 2-1-2) — Movement expected about the same. Trading approximately 35 to 60 counts fairly active, 75-80s moderate, Miniature slow. Prices bins higher, miniature 6s lower, others generally unchanged. Red-flesh seedless-type 24-inch bins per pound approximately 35, 45 and 60 counts mostly 14 cents, 75-80s mostly 10 cents; red-flesh seedless miniature flat cartons 6s (supplies heavy) $4-6, 8-9s mostly $8. Quality variable.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (190-211*-202**) — Movement expected to increase. Trading fairly active at lower prices. Prices lower. Red-flesh seedless-type 24-inch bins per pound approximately 36 and 45 counts mostly 20 cents, approximately 60 count mostly 18 cents. Quality variable. *revised **data incomplete

FLORIDA — Shipments (1-38-110, red-flesh seeded 0-12-28; red-flesh seedless 1-25-82) — Movement expected to increase. Trading fairly active. 24-inch bins per pound red-flesh seeded-type 35s 20-22 cents; red-flesh seedless-type 45s 23-24 cents, 60s 23-24 cents. Quality generally good.

CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS — Imports (65-53*-51, seedless 5-8*-4; seeded 0-0-0) — Imports via boat from Guatemala and Honduras. Movement expected to be about the same. Port of entry: South Florida. Supply fairly light. Trading moderate. Prices generally unchanged. Cartons flat red-flesh seedless miniature 6-8s $10-10.95. Red-flesh seedless cartons 4s mostly $13-14, 5s mostly $14-15. *revised.

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Red River Valley Potatoes

Heimbuch adds capacity for small packs

Nearly a third of the potatoes packed at Heimbuch Potatoes go in 3- and 5-pound packs, but the family business sees room for growth in smaller sizes.

“Everybody is planning meals on the day of now,” said Chad Heimbuch, president and sales manager of the Cogswell, N.D., company.

“Everything is trending to smaller packages. Instead of 10s, it’s more 3s and 5s. Consumers are buying more frequently. People used to shop once a week and planned for the whole week. Now it’s two to three times a week.”

Heimbuch installed a new Daumar weigher and two baggers to increase capacity for 3- and 5-pound packs this season.

The company also installed a new line for C-size potatoes.

“Before, they were mixed in with our Bs,” said Heimbuch, who added that the C-sized potatoes, or creamers, primarily will be packed in cartons or totes.

Nearly 100% of the fresh-market potatoes grown in the Red River Valley are reds, which is why Heimbuch Potatoes puts an emphasis on yellows.

Heimbuch’s father, Tom, grew red, russet and yellow in the Red River Valley for years, but the family’s potato operations had been idle for more than a decade when Chad Heimbuch and his brother, Josh, restarted the business five years ago.

“When my brother and I took over, there was so much established business between red sellers and buyers, we thought yellows would be easier to market,” Chad Heimbuch said. “Yellows give us a niche in the area.”

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Marla Bopp    
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Cogswell ND  |  November, 22, 2013 at 10:07 PM

Iread your articule and was wodering if you have any position's open at this time?I would like to apply for work where-ever you need help. Thank-You. Marla Bopp

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