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Salinas Valley broccoli harvest starts slowly

04/22/2011 2:02:10 PM

The Salinas Valley broccoli deal began in March ahead of lettuce, but harvesting was slowed by steady... Read more.

Lettuce gaps expected from early season rains

04/22/2011 1:56:50 PM

As Salinas Valley, Calif., vegetable harvesting hit full stride in mid-April, it remained unclear how... Read more.

Coastline Produce has new cooler

05/13/2010 4:06:45 PM

Coastline Produce has new cooler Coastline Produce, Salinas, Calif., will start shipping its commodities from the... Read more.

D’Arrigo to continue supporting breast cancer research

05/13/2010 4:04:28 PM

SALINAS, Calif. — D’Arrigo Bros. Co. reached its $1 million donation benefiting the Breast Cancer Research... Read more.

Weather slows start to Salinas season

05/13/2010 4:01:32 PM

SALINAS, Calif. — April marks the return of peak vegetable production for the Salinas Valley, but despite... Read more.

Lettuce transition back to Salinas in April

05/13/2010 3:44:29 PM

SALINAS, Calif. — April is the month when lettuce returns to the Salinas Valley. After months of desert... Read more.

Cal Ag Leadership finds new home in Salinas

05/13/2010 3:34:58 PM

SALINAS, Calif. — After months on the road, Bob Gray has found a home. A home, that is, for the California... Read more.

Salinas sends strong volumes of broccoli and cauliflower

05/13/2010 3:26:20 PM

SALINAS, Calif. — Salinas Valley shippers expect good supplies and strong quality for broccoli and cauliflower... Read more.

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