SALINAS, Calif. — Colorful Harvest, is starting the spring season with a new 32,000-square-foot cooler.

Since April 12, the company is shipping its full line of products from the facility, which has larger cooler capacity and 12 loading bays, said Doug Ranno, chief operating officer and managing partner.
“It affords real quick transfer and cooling times,” Ranno said.

According to Colorful Harvest, the new cooler:

c uses the latest technology in forced-air cooling,

c has on-site packaging and storage,

c has rapid cold chain management process and

c complies with the company’s food safety rules.

Ranno said the cooler was remodeled over several months before it opened and is managed entirely by Colorful Harvest.

Colorful Harvest is the only company using the cooler, Ranno said, and is based on an exclusive long-term lease.

The consolidation of cold storage and packaging functions will benefit Colorful Harvest’s growers, Ranno said, by reducing the number of stops trucks need to make to pick up product.
The new cooler operations start as the beginning of the Salinas Valley vegetable and berry season gets under way, and Ranno said the cooler should help cover the company’s volume of more than 5 million cases.

The cooler will handle the company’s strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries and also cantaloupes, honeydews and Athena melons, Ranno said.

It also will be used for Colorful Harvest’s line of vegetables, including its sweet red corn, Rainbow Crunch carrots, orange, purple and green cauliflower, purple broccoli and green beans.