SALINAS, Calif. — D’Arrigo Bros. Co. is collaborating with another Salinas-area company on shipping and distribution of salad products.

The Salad Farm will be using D’Arrigo’s 100,000-square-foot cooling and shipping space to send its washed spinach, arugula, and spring mix salads to customers nationwide, said Lex Camany, president.

The companies finalized the deal this year after officials from the two companies starting talking last year about the advantages of such a deal, he said. The first items shipped April 1, Camany said, and most of the company’s customers are in foodservice.

“This is the beginning,” Camany said.

Margaret D’Arrigo-Martin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for D’Arrigo Bros., said the products are complementary to D’Arrigo’s and do not compete directly with commodities D’Arrigo supplies to its customer base on the East Coast.

“This made good business sense,” D’Arrigo-Martin said.

Camany said he and his wife, Joyce, started The Salad Farm more than a year ago and have seen such dramatic growth that they needed extra space to cool and ship their products. The company uses processors in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties, but its volume outgrew their cooling capacity, he said.

D’Arrigo-Martin said the company does some cooling and shipping for other companies, including Outback Steakhouse, but on a smaller scale and often for limited times.

Both companies declined to say how much volume they would be shipping for The Salad Farm but said they expect to better serve each other’s customers by offering more products in one place.

The Salad Farm offers 3-pound foodservice pack of its arugula, spinach and spring mix salads.

Joyce Camany, food safety director, said the partnership might also open opportunities for the company to acquire more retail customers and develop retailer-oriented packs of its salad products.

The companies are looking at extending their agreement over three years and said the partnership is working smoothly.