California Giant Inc. has revamped its Web site — — to better serve consumers and customers alike, said Cindy Jewell, director of marketing for the Watsonville-based company.

The new site, expected to be up and running by mid-February, is three sites in one.

There’s a section for consumers, a section for the trade and a section for the company’s bicycling competition.

“Each audience coming into will have a different destination,” she said. “We’re trying to have information pertinent to each audience.”

The goal is to make finding specific information faster and easier, since visitors won’t have to browse through material on topics they’re not interested in before they get to the section that appeals to them.

The company also has changed the way it manages its Web site.

“We’re going to a content-management system,” Jewell said.

That means controls are set up to enable staff at California Giant to change and upload new information.

“There’s always going to be something new and fresh on there,” she said.

When a company builds a Web site, it offers an opportunity to go through and take a close look at what is posted and update information and add new elements, Jewell said. For example, the new site will host a section on sustainability and provide more information for consumers about the company’s philanthropic activities, she said.

There will be short videos that show consumers how to select, care for and handle all four types of berries the company grows.

“We’re trying to make the site more interactive with people talking to people rather than static words and pictures on the page,” she said.

The site will include more information for the firm’s trading partners about the traceability programs the company is involved in, and all the California Giant GTIN numbers will be posted for the Produce Traceability Initiative.

The new site also will share category data that the company has access to so that customers will have detailed information about the effectiveness of the packaging mix at store level.

There’s also a password-protected section where the trade can download logos, artwork and Universal Product Codes as well as regular crop updates, and buyers will be able to view photos so they can see what’s happening in various districts, she said.

Jewell said it’s important for a company to keep its Web site fresh.

“Your Web site really is the face of your company,” she said. “We’re trying to put our best face forward for the people who are interested in who we are and what we’re all about.”