On July 12, Douglas Ronan, vice president of marketing for Driscoll Strawberry Associates Inc., Watsonville, Calif., said the company had entered partnerships with Grandview, Wash., blueberry growers Olsen Bros. Ranches and Wyckoff Farms. The partnerships resulted in the opening this season of new cooling and packing facilities in Grandview.

The facilities have high-speed cooling tunnels, packing lines that efficiently pack multiple stock-keeping units, and high-speed on-line labeling that supports clamshell traceability, a Driscoll’s news release said.

The spaces are expected to maximize berry quality by speeding up movement from the field to the cold room. Wyckoff grows conventional blueberries and Olsen Bros. grows organic blueberries for Driscoll’s.

Ronan said Driscoll’s continues to increase its engagement with growers in Washington.