Australian citrus boasts good quality

06/04/2010 12:46:56 PM

From long-term drought to currency exchange problems, the Australian fresh citrus industry has endured more... Read more.

Smaller sizes, but bigger volume en route from South Africa

06/04/2010 12:29:01 PM

The summer fresh citrus shipped from South Africa to North America is expected to take a notable jump... Read more.

Peruvian citrus should bounce back from rough 2009

06/04/2010 11:47:49 AM

The 2010 deal for Peruvian citrus grower-shipper-exporters is something of a mixed bag. Exports to... Read more.

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California valencias remain a citrus value

06/04/2010 11:16:07 AM

With California’s 2009-10 navel crop in the home stretch, valencias, the state’s summer orange, has... Read more.

Quality trumps size for most offshore summer citrus

06/04/2010 10:35:40 AM

Summer citrus imports beginning to enter North America will boast excellent quality, but sizes may... Read more.

Strong demand greets imports from Chile, Peru

06/08/2009 9:26:52 AM

It isn’t exactly Christmas in the summer, but for marketing agents of offshore citrus in the U.S.,... Read more.

Foodservice proves a daunting challenge

06/08/2009 9:21:42 AM

Marketers of fresh summer citrus admit they’re at a disadvantage against other fruits in the foodservice... Read more.

Exchange rates add complexity

06/08/2009 9:15:08 AM

The convergence of citrus from a number of countries with disparate economic conditions during a global... Read more.

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