Sunkist Growers this summer is reprising its Take a Stand campaign, which encourages kids to host lemonade stands and donate proceeds to their favorite charities.
Sunkist Growers this summer is reprising its Take a Stand campaign, which encourages kids to host lemonade stands and donate proceeds to their favorite charities.

One way to keep citrus sales strong during the summer months is to reach out to consumers via creative promotions. That’s just what some suppliers and trade groups have in mind over the next few months.


Limoneira Co.

Limoneira Co., based in Santa Paula, Calif., is conducting a “Show Us Your Pucker Face” promotion this summer, director of marketing John Chamberlain said.

Consumers around the country will be encouraged to send in pictures taken after they suck a lemon.

First prize is an iPad; second prize, an iPod; and third prize, a gift basket. Winners will be announced on National Lemon Juice Day, Aug. 29.

Limoneira is in the second year of its “Unleash the Power of Lemons” campaign that pairs with experts who demonstrate the versatility of lemons in the areas of culinary, health, nutrition, cleaning and interior design.

“There are lots of different ways of using lemons,” Chamberlain said.

The program continues to expand.

“We’re adding markets every month,” he said.

In North America, people knowledgable about lemon use already are in place in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Texas and in several Canadian cities. Plans also were in the works to add San Francisco.


Sunkist Growers

Sherman Oaks, Calif.-based Sunkist Growers Inc. will once again promote its Take a Stand cause marketing campaign that encourages kids to donate to their favorite cause or charity by hosting a lemonade stand, said Joan Wickham, manager of advertising and public relations.

“Sunkist provides retailers with adorable, kid-friendly lemonade stands that double as display units and encourage lemonade-themed promotions in stores to build consumer awareness,” she said.

Parents can use Sunkist’s mobile site to order a Sunkist lemonade stand at the point of purchase by texting or scanning a quick-response code at the store.

Sunkist also is introducing modern uses for grapefruit with the “Not Your Mother’s Grapefruit” campaign.

The program is aimed at “reigniting the fruit’s popularity by educating younger consumers about this delicious, nutrient-rich superfood,” Wickham said.

Sunkist also offers citrus usage tips, recipes and nutritional information in point-of-sale materials and on mobile-friendly sites that are accessible via QR codes in POS material, she said.


Chilean Fresh Fruit

The 2013 Chilean citrus campaign will focus on the trade, motivating retailers to build big, eye-catching Chilean citrus displays, said Karen Brux, managing director of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association, San Carlos, Calif.

“We’re hoping to increase the flow of information to retailers through ongoing product and promotion updates giving them the information they need to make the best decisions on product promotion,” she said.

The association is developing retail collateral and promotions that will enable retailers to keep building on the citrus sales momentum gained during the winter months, she said.

“We’ll be reaching out to retail consumer affairs professionals with nutrition and usage information on Chilean citrus and producing a series of short videos that will connect U.S. consumers with Chilean citrus orchards and growing practices,” she said.

They’ll be available for retailers to use on their websites, Facebook pages or other social media outlets, as well as in stores.

To prepare for the upcoming season, retailers should plan clementine ads and promotions for early summer and proceed into navels along with clementines and then mandarins, she said.

“As we move into the back-to-school period in August/September, push easy-peels as a tasty, nutritious, easy, no-mess lunch option,” Brux said.