A new Alamo, Texas-based company has a sweet answer for papaya lovers and newcomers alike.

Tex Starr Distributing plans to take its Sweet Star red papaya to market with an extensive consumer campaign starting in May.

Megan Zweig, associate partner for Dallas-based DMA Solutions Inc., which is handling the company’s marketing push, said the variety has key differences from others on the market.

“It’s being sold as a premium product, targeted at foodie types and to higher-end grocery stores, like a Whole Foods or an H.E.B Central Market.”

What also sets this papaya, grown in Colima, Mexico, apart is its size.

“It’s the perfect fruit for personal consumption,” Zweig said. “Where a normal papaya is big, this one is a little bit smaller, and you can eat it by yourself.”

With a bright red interior and a sweet, mild flavor, the Sweet Star appeals to a wider audience.

“We feel like the other types of papayas haven’t gotten as popular as they could be in the U.S.,” Zweig said. “People typically don’t like the smell.”

Zweig said DMA Solutions plans to launch a Facebook, Twitter and blogger campaign targeted at consumers with active lifestyles.

“We’re going after moms, cooks, chefs and adventure eaters,” she said. “We’re going after mature generations and vegetarians and conscious eaters. It’s all about the lifestyle you lead. We think this is a really creative way to go about it.”

Samples of the fruit will be sent to food bloggers, along with recipes.

Tex Starr’s principals are Kenny Alford of Alamo-based Fresh Tex Produce and David Peterson of Hidalgo, Texas-based Super Starr International LLC. Zweig said the two, while remaining with their previous companies, formed Tex Starr specifically to market the Sweet Star papaya.

Sweet Star papayas are available year-round, starting in May.