A recent "NBC Nightly News" report on high prices in the produce aisle featured industry expert Brian Silbermann, president and chief executive officer of the Produce Marketing Association.

The two-minute segment mentions high retail costs for watermelons, green bell peppers and tomatoes, attributing production drops to a Florida freeze, rains in California and Mexico and the earthquake in Chile.

"This is a once-in-a-decade type situation," Silbermann said in his fleeting appearance. "We got thrown a lot of curve balls all at once.

Julia Stewart, public relations director for PMA, said Silbermann's appearance was filmed in Philadelphia March 25 and the segment aired the next day.

Silbermann discussed other topics that didn't air, including the efficiency of the global produce industry in closing supply gaps and the "value cornucopia" of produce, based on price, flavor and eye appeal, according to an e-mail from Stewart.

Silbermann appears on NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News

During the "NBC Nightly News" on March 26, Produce Marketing Association president and chief executive officer Bryan Silbermann explains that weather and other events have decreased production of fresh produce, leading to higher prices.