The U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to give details of its proposed national leafy greens marketing agreement in a press conference at 1 p.m. EDT today.

Full details of the proposal will be published in the April 29 edition of the Federal Register, according to a USDA release.

The USDA also invited members of the industry to a pre-briefing on the proposal at 11 a.m. EDT.

The voluntary agreement would sets standards for good agricultural practices for spinach, lettuce and other leafy greens on a national scale. California and Arizona already established the standards, following the 2006 E. coli outbreak traced to spinach.

The April 29 release of the proposal will be followed by a comment period for the industry and public to comment.

“The proposed agreement will allow farmers, handlers and retailers to work together to develop a program to ensure leafy green commercial food quality and safety requirements are met,” according to the USDA release.

Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator Rayne Pegg is scheduled provide an overview of the structure of the proposed agreement, according to the release.