(Jan. 8) SALINAS, Calif. — Tom Koster, vice president of sales and shipping for Mann Packing Co. Inc., has left the company to head Koster Communications, which he and his wife, Lorri Koster, founded.

Lorri Koster said she and her husband basically “switched places” so their two small children would have a parent at home full time.

As president of Koster Communications, Lorri Koster’s primary client was Mann, for which she served as spokeswoman and provided marketing and communications consulting. She also was publisher of Coastal Grower magazine. Upon the sudden death of her father, Mann co-chairman Don Nucci, 70, on Sept. 4, Koster was elected to the full-time position of co-chairwoman of Mann.

“We don’t want to sell the magazine, and having to step into here full time, I couldn’t do both,” she said. “We have two young children, and it’s very important to us that they have a parent home with them.

“(Tom Koster’s) leaving Mann is a family-based decision,” Lorri Koster said. “He has contributed much to the company, but family comes first.”

Tom Koster took over publishing duties and will run the business side of the magazine.

“From a distance, I’ll still oversee the editorial content,” Lorri Koster said. “The other function of the agency was the consultancy part, which is pretty much dissolved.”