(March 3, 12:15 p.m.) Putting a new twist on an old favorite, Walter P. Rawl & Sons Inc., Pelion, S.C., has redesigned its packaging and is replacing its longtime packs of greens with a new label.

The Nature’s Greens label now adorns Rawl’s 1- and 2-pound bags of collard, mustard, turnip, kale and a variety of blends of greens.

The longtime company previously sold those vegetable packs under the Rawl label. Rawl plans to keep its historic label for sales of its bulk boxes of vegetables, said Ashley Rawl, director of sales, marketing and product development.

In redesigning the packs, Rawl said the company used a marketing firm to gain insights on what consumers want in bagged vegetables.

“From the information we were given by our consumers, this is the direction we decided to go to give the end consumers what they were looking for,” he said. “The standards that back the Rawl name will always be with Nature’s Greens.”

The clear packs that are awash in green feature Rawl’s brand name on a leaf that says “Same Farm, Fresh Look.” Silhouettes of a farmer on a tractor are also featured, as well as blurbs of health information that say, “high in folic acid and Vitamin K,” for example, on the collard packs.

Rawl — who represents the farming family’s third generation — said the grower-shipper has received a lot of national help in pushing the health benefits of greens.

He noted a recent Food Network program that featured Rachael Ray preparing kale. A friend of Rawl’s also saw smoked chili collard greens on the menu of Food Network chef Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Las Vegas.

Rawl, who serves on the board of the Leafy Greens Council marketing and promotion organization, said positive publicity has been helping place greens on more white-tablecloth restaurants.

Rawl began operations in 1925. It grows on 5,000 central South Carolina acres of greens as well as bell peppers, squash and onions for its Versatile Veggies fresh-cut vegetable line.

Rawl announced the transformation during the Southeast Produce Council’s Southern Exposure 2008 Feb. 23 exposition in Orlando, Fla.