Compu-Tech Inc. - Live From Fresh Summit 2011


Compu-Tech Inc.


Company Profile:

Compu-Tech Inc. has provided custom software solutions to agribusiness and government sectors for over 35 years. Our robust business software packages offer a turn-key solution to get customers up and running quickly. We offer a fully-integrated system that handles everything from Receiving, Packing, and Accounting to Sales Tracking and Analysis.



Live From PMA's Fresh Summit 2011 - Compu-Tech Inc.


Interview Summary:

At PMA's Fresh Summit 2011, Kim Rose, Managing Partner, CSO, and Jennifer Wiggs, Managing Partner, CEO, talked about Compu-Tech Inc. in regard to technology and innovation in the produce industry. They discussed Compu-Tech’s approach to managing traceability and data integration between Warehouses and Marketers. They also underscored the importance of data analysis and reporting in the current economic climate.




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