Duda Farm Fresh - Live From Fresh Summit 2011


Duda Farm Fresh
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Company Profile:

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing fresh products since 1909, when our founder, Andrew Duda, moved to the United States in search of the American dream. Back then, Andrew had a vision to provide people with farm fresh products at an affordable price, that tasted as if they were gronw in their very own garden. Today, after 85 years, our vision to provide freshness, flavor and quality products at an affordable price is still our primary goal. Andrew Duda’s vision has been passed down to five generations of family members who strive for excellence and continue to keep the family’s farming business running strong.



Live From PMA's Fresh Summit 2011 - Duda Farm Fresh


Interview Summary:

At PMA's Fresh Summit 2011, Dan Duda, president and COO of Duda Farm Fresh, described the new product packaging introduced for celery and radishes. He also discussed the company's celebration of 85 years in business.




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