These dark berries continue their steady climb up the list of popular fruits in Fresh Trends. This year the berries hit the No. 16 spot; they’ve climbed one spot per year since 2013. The likelihood of a blackberry purchase inched up one percentage point from last year.

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Blackberries — F.o.b.s as of Oct. 31

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA AND TEXAS — Crossings (33-32-32) —Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading early moderate, late fairly slow. Prices lower. Flats of 12 6--ounce cups with lids mostly $8. Includes palletizing and cooling. Quality variable.

SALINAS-WATSONVILLE, CALIF. — Shipments (2-1-1) — Movement expected to decrease seasonally. Trading moderate. Prices higher. Flats of 12 6-ounce cups with lids $10-12. Includes palletizing and cooling. Quality variable. LAST REPORT.

CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS — Imports (1-0-0) — Imports via air from Guatemala. Movement expected to decrease. Port of entry: South Florida. Trading slow. Cartons 12 6-ounce cups with lids medium Supplies insufficient to quote. (LAST REPORT)


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