Grapefruit is a steady performer. Thirty-one percent of shoppers reported that they were likely to make a grapefruit purchase – the same number as last year.

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Grapefruit — F.o.b.s as of Oct. 31

LOWER RIO GRANDE VALLEY, TEXAS — Shipments (64*-64*-52) — Movement expected about the same. Trading early fairly active, late fairly slow. Prices lower. 7/10-bushel cartons Marked rio star texas fancy 27s $28.95- $30.95, 32s $26.95-28.95, 36s $24.95-26.95, 40s $20.95-22.95, 48s mostly $17.95-18.95, 56s mostly $14-15.95; texas choice 27s mostly $22.85-24.95, 32s mostly $20.85-22.95, 36s mostly $18.95-20.95, 40s $16.85-18.95, 48s $14.95-16.95, 56s $12.95-14.95. *revised

FLORIDA — Shipments (12-40-92 (includes export 1-5-52)) — Prices not reported.


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