The likelihood of a lime purchase slipped two percentage points from last year. For the second consecutive year, the likelihood of a purchase increased according to income and decreased according to age. Shoppers earning less than $25,000 annually were the least likely overall to make a lime purchase.

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Limes — F.o.b.s as of Oct. 31

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (192-222*-140) — Movement expected about the same. Trading 175-200s fairly slow, others slow. Prices 230-250s generally unchanged, others lower. 40-pound cartons seedless 110s mostly $7-9, 150s mostly $6-8, 175-200s $6-8, 230s mostly $6-7, 250s mostly $5-6. Quality generally good. Many sales left open with price to be established later.*revised


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