Pest & Production Guides

2016 Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide

The objective of the Florida Citrus Pest Management Guide is to assist citrus growers in the identification of pest management options and the selection of appropriate control measures.

2016 Southeastern U.S. Vegetable Crop Handbook
The 17th edition of the Vegetable Crop Handbook for the Southeastern United States represents a joint effort among Extension Specialist and Researchers from 12 land-grant universities in the U.S. who work in the area of vegetable production. These specialist and researchers represent a wide array of disciplines – agricultural engineering, entomology, olericulture (vegetable production), plant pathology, postharvest physiology, soil science, and weed science. This handbook comprises up-to-the-minute information developed from research and Extension projects conducted throughout the Southeastern United States. View Guide
2015 Vegetable Production Handbook for Florida
The 2015 Vegetable Production Handbook for Florida contains complete information on Florida vegetable production, ranging from seed technology to integrated pest management to irrigation and pesticide safety. The handbook is produced as a reference for all individual vegetable commodities and cultural practices used and recommended in the state of Florida. View Guide



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