To protect its 15,000 acres of pecans, the Arizona Department of Agriculture has issued an administrative order, effective immediately, that restricts the movement of pecan and walnut trees and related items into the state.

The order was enacted to address the threat of brooming disease of walnuts, pecan leaf casebearer, pecan nut casebearer and pecan phylloxera, according to the order.

It addresses any hickory, pecan, walnut or butternut tree or plant part used in propagation.

Pecans, hickories and walnuts all belong to the Juglandaceae family.

The order also restricts pecan firewood and any item, such as a box or sack, used during growing, harvesting, handling, transporting, or storing nuts and hulls.

Only those items from outside of quarantine states or items that have been treated in a prescribed manner will be allowed to enter Arizona, and then only accompanied by a compliance agreement.