The California Department of Pesticide Registration has registered Gladiator insecticide-miticide from Philadelphia-based FMC Agricultural Solutions for use on a wide array of crops and pests.

Among those are Asian citrus psyllid, citrus leafminer, navel orangeworms, codling moth, thrips and loopers, according to a news release.

It has a 12-hour re-entry interval for most crops and a pre-harvest interval of seven days for citrus and leafy greens.

The product contains two different active ingredients—zeta-cypermethrin and avermectin, according to the label.

Zeta-cypermetrin is a pyrethroid and belongs to the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee's Group 3. Avermectin belongs to Group 6.

It comes in a water-based formulation, which meets the state's low volatile organic compound requirements.