Asian citrus psyllid
Asian citrus psyllid

Asian citrus psyllids have been detected in a San Jose, Calif., residential neighborhood, tens of miles north of the state's central citrus-production area.

As a result, the Santa Clara County Agricultural Commissioner's office, in conjunction with the California Department of Food and Agriculture, has begun an extensive survey around the find. Inspectors also are hanging additional traps.

This marks the first detection of the citrus pest in San Jose and the Bay area, according to a news release.

The psyllids were detected in a residential area near Kelly Park. Treatments are being carried out to all citrus plants on surrounding properties.

The concern is the pest can spread citrus greening, a bacterial disease that's harmless to humans and animals but deadly to citrus trees.

In Florida, where the pest and disease are endemic, they have caused more than $4 billion in losses to that state's citrus industry.

Until now, Asian citrus psyllid had been confined to an area from Fresno County south to the California-Mexico border.