The Environmental Protection Agency has registered a new dry formulation of Grandevo insecticide/miticide from Marrone Bio Innovations Inc. of Davis, Calif.

State registrations are pending, says company spokesman Maris Klavins.

Grandevo contains the active ingredient Chromobacterium subtsugae, a bacterium that's lethal to chewing and sucking insects and mites but harmless to other non-target organisms, according to product literature.

As a biological, Grandevo is tolerance exempt on food crops, including those slated for export that are subject to maximum residue levels, or MRLs, according to a news release.

Among the pests it controls are Asian citrus psyllid, armyworm and other caterpillars, whitefly, leafminer, pepper weevil, peach twig borer, thrips, stinkbug, mealybug and white grub.

It is labeled for use on edible crops in field and greenhouse applications.

Grandevo also is compliant with the National Organic Program and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute.