Orlando-based AGERpoint has joined with agricultural equipment manufacturer Durand Wayland to develop the next generation of intelligent spraying systems for permanent crops.

Using AGERpoint's global positioning system-based mapping technology, GPSpray will provide tree and vine growers with GPS-guided variable-rate application from an air blast sprayer, according to a news release.

Users also will be able to control and monitor the spray from the cab console.

The system is available as a retrofit kit and as a new installation.

GPS-guided variable-rate application has long been available to row-crop producers. It allows them to apply more product where it's needed and less where it isn't.

Application data can be quickly downloaded afterward to document the spraying.

As part of the arrangement, the two companies will continue to work on the next generation of Smart Spray tools.

Smart Spray is LaGrange, Ga.-based Durand Wayland's proprietary technology that uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of trees and the tree size.

Based on what the senors detect, a computer will turn off or on nozzles on the spray rig, reducing the amount of product that is applied and that moves out of the tree canopy into the environment.

They plan to demonstrate it at the Georgia Pecan Growers annual meeting and trade show at the State Fair Grounds in Perry, Ga.,March 26.